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Want more pictures? Bunnies Unbound: The sub-series!

Bunnies Unbound - a series within a series

Today marks the start of the sub-series of Bunnies Unbound. The series within the series. The one that makes Bunnies Unbound appear bigger when you’re on the inside. And if you didn’t have reason enough to follow the project across social media, now is definitely the time to do so – because these pictures, for now, will only be shared on the social media pages associated with Kat Johnston and Bunnies Unbound! A new one will be released each Thursday. ^_^

So! Tardis teapot time!

In short, at the end of each shoot, the bunny is given the Tardis teapot to play around with in front of the camera – if they want to, of course! It’s one item that will remain constant, throughout the project, for each bunny. Whereas costumes and styles may change (they might all wear bunny-ears, but they’re all different, aren’t they?), the Tardis is the Tardis – it transcends space and time, right?


And the way each bunny has interacted with it so far has been… incredible! I’ve been blown away. Not one bunny I’ve photographed so far has held it in the exact same way, or produced the exact same shot – and they don’t get any direction from me, except to move slightly to take advantage of lighting. They just get told, ‘Play with it! Let’s see what we can do here.’

People’s personalities have shone through. And in the relief following getting the ‘proper’ photos out of the way, the ability to be fun and silly is super-dooper high.

Being the geeky, nerdy, amused little artist that I am… I’m thinking that this little sub-series might be just as significant as the big one. Some people like rope. Some people like Doctor Who. Some of us just happen to like both. We all just like what we like, don’t we? ^_^

So like my artist page on Facebook; follow the project, my artist page, or my inspiration blog¬†on Tumblr; check out my instagram for behind-the-scenes photos… and enjoy this special sub-series of Bunnies Unbound! ^_^


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