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Please support us on Kickstarter.

I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign, to help cover some of the costs of exhibiting the Bunnies Unbound project! Now I’ve set a fairly conservative goal (because I would hate no to achieve the minimum I need to cover costs), but anything above that will go directly to helping me produce the Bunnies Unbound project. Life as a starving artist is not all it’s cracked up to be, believe you me!

I’d really love your support. I’d like it so much, that I made a dorky video to show you how much I’d appreciate it, complete with a cameo appearance from my cat. If you’ve been enjoying the Bunnies Unbound project, please consider making a contribution, no matter how small. Every little bit counts… and there are even rewards as incentives!

For more details, please check out the Bunnies Unbound Kickstarter Page.

Where will the money go?

The goal figure I set just covers the following:

  • $275 for consumables for printing. This included one full set of cartridges for myEpson R1900 Stylus Photo printer, and 100 sheets of archival matte-finish A4 paper, plus shipping, so that I may produce professional-quality prints. I have a feeling I’ll need more consumables by the time the exhibition rolls around, but at least it’s a start.
  • $150 for framing. It’s a really conservative estimate at $3 a frame for 50 panels (4 panels of images and 1 informational panel per model).
  • $50 to cover a conservative estimate of the costs to produce some of the rewards, and to cover Kickstarter fees.

I deliberately set the goal figure low, because I wanted the kickstarter project to have a chance of success… and we totally did! These costs are now covered. Phew!

What if we get above the goal?

I’m happy to say that we’ve already met an exceeded the goal. As I said, the deliberately low figure I set is only because I would hate for it to get so close, and then just not quite make it. But, yes… we burst through that in less than 24 hours! Now that the project is getting above goal, this is what it will be going towards:

  • First off, I will not have to worry about every last drop of ink. The likelihood is that I’ll have to purchase more as it is. I could also possibly afford A3 paper on which to print a feature image for each photoset shown in the exhibition, if we raise enough.
  • It will help to cover some of the other costs associated with the exhibition that I haven’t covered here – for example, I’ll be doing up business cards to help promote myself as an artist and to promote the project, and I would love to have prints and buttons available for people to purchase on the night.
  • It will go towards the costs of putting together the looks for each of the bunnies, both past and future. Crafting materials are not cheap, and I am sinking a massive amount of time into this project, on top of everything else. Honestly? Every little bit helps. It really really does.
  • Perhaps some real lighting that doesn’t turn my studio into a heat-box could be purchased? And since I need to move soon, I may need to buy a proper backdrop, since not all places have the same kind of walls. Really, there are so many ongoing expenses associated with this project, and every little bit really seriously does help and would be appreciated.

So yes! Please donate, and help to keep making Bunnies Unbound possible.


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