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Pixie for Bunnies Unbound: Before the TransformationTell me a little about yourself outside of kink. What do you do day to day?
I am a casual retail worker and love every day of it, talking to people and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Tell me a little about yourself inside kink.
I am still finding myself, but I am a rope bunny who likes to be scratched with sharp objects.

Are your kink identities and ‘real life’ identities similar? How do they differ? How are they the same?
Both of my worlds are parallel – they both go up and down, and both have all sorts of colours and shapes; but I am not one without the other. Those who know both my sides see them in me every day, but if you only know one side of me then I just seem “odd”, usually but always energetic, and happy to play.

When did you first know you liked rope? What first attracted you to rope?
I remember taking my best friend to Hellfire. We were having a weekend away in Brisbane to just “let loose” and when we had arrived at the pub we went down the stairs and found our way to the back corner of the room when I had spotted Kat tying someone. It was very intense and I could feel the energy; I felt drawn to it and my friend tried getting my attention time and time again but I was mesmerized for a good 2 hours. I could not look away even after the scene had finished. The packing up after still had me fascinated and I just wanted to be a part of it and so now… Here I am! I still to this day am just as breathtaken as if I was seeing it for the first time, and am always trying to see when I can next be a bunny for someone.

Why or how is rope different from other methods of bondage, for you? How does rope make you feel?
I feel free when I am completely helpless and putting my faith and trust in someone else, when I am stuck and tied down (or up). I find myself socially awkward and being tied I find is a release and help allow me to be myself and I don’t feel like I have to be something I am not. Everything just simply is.

What is it like after a rope-session?
I feel relieved and am happy with myself I guess that I have allowed myself to be totally open with someone else that is in a way a total stranger as they are not my blood and I don’t have to be any other way them who I am… exactly how I am.

When do you play with rope?
I haven’t been able to after having my car accident – it put me out of being able to do much at all.

What other kink activities interest you?
I am still doing a trial and error. I know I like my sharp objects and would love to explore them more.

What is the best bit of advice you could give to somebody who wants to try rope?
Believe in yourself, and if your guts tells you that you can do it… go for it; and if you don’t succeed at first try again.

What would you want someone who knows nothing about rope to know about rope, and about you?
There is no set way anything has to be done. Things happen and it either falls into place or it doesn’t and just because you see it one way doesn’t mean that that is how it will happen to you. Every time is different and nothing is set in stone.

Why did you want to be a part of this project?
I have recently had to find my own 2 feet and see where the world takes me. I feel as if I am ready to take on a new path and I know for a fact I want to explore all things to do with rope.


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