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Meri  for Bunnies Unbound: Before the TransformationWhat do you do day to day?
I read, clean and cook. Haha! Normal stuff!

Tell me a little about yourself inside kink.
Kink is a way for me to reconnect with myself – a way to relax and reestablish who I really am aside, from lazy, normal stuff. In kink I’m still shiny new so far. I am a playful, bratty masochist with submissive tendencies and am sadistic when I can get away with it.

Are your kink identities and ‘real life’ identities similar? How do they differ? How are they the same?
My ‘vanilla’ and kink selves are similar. My personality is not different at all, just… I am more withdrawn and reserved as myself during work and vanilla life. If I can get away with being quirky or a bit silly, I will. During kinky times I love to be an inappropriate perv! Haha! I am only ‘more’ me when I am kinky, never less; and that makes me more relaxed. I can be a bit standoffish at first, but I warm up quickly, and I am friendly.

When did you first know you liked rope?
I first liked rope when I saw pictures on the internet of suspensions, I thought, ‘Wow! how cool is that!’ And when I tried it for the first time (a suspension) I knew I loved rope – everything about and to do with it.

How does rope make you feel?
Connected to my physical self to the extreme. Every part I feel the pressure.

How do different styles of rope make you feel?
Sensual can make you feel relaxed and connected. More intense rope can be emotionally challenging, exposing everything you want to hide from yourself.

What do you think is the most important part of a rope-scene for you?
Communication and connectedness.

What do you think is important to keep in mind, when picking a rope partner or partners?
To be able to trust that person is important, so the level of communication and trust about them as a person and their skills determines whether or not I can play with them. I have to be confident that when I’m in that vulnerable situation, that they can competently handle any surprises.

Have you ever had an incident in rope? Has anything ever gone wrong?
Yes, I had a nerve plexus which was difficult for a couple of weeks. I think especially not knowing how you will react in a situation can cause some problems, and that communication is once again essential, as you may not know when an issue you’re having could become a critical problem – so it is better to vocalize. That can be hard for new people to do.

What do you wish you’d have known, when you were just starting out in rope?
Haha – don’t hesitate to communicate!

What would you want someone who knows nothing about rope to know about rope, and about you?
Rope is my hobby (among other things such as reading). I am an average person who just so happens to enjoy rope art. So keep an open mind – some things that may seem, unusual or wrong can be surprisingly enjoyable. Rope play, I could say, is similar to somebody who enjoys crochet, except the medium is different and involves models/play partners.

Why did you want to be a part of this project?
I love rope! And it is inspiring to see all sorts of different bunnies and how they engage rope. Unique and beautiful, this project is inspirational for me.


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