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Forever  for Bunnies Unbound: Before the TransformationTell me a little about yourself outside of kink. What do you do day to day?
I am a professional procrastinator. This involves lots of browsing the internet for interesting articles, Youtube videos, and talking to my cat. I’m also teaching myself Korean.

Tell me a little about yourself inside kink.
I am a bottom, who happens to be submissive to the right people. I am a friend, a purveyor of art, and have an appreciation for not only experiencing things for myself, but watching others experience them.

How do you participate in kink activities? Are they just in the bedroom, or do they extend beyond that?
To me, kink is not necessarily about the act of sex. It is about the play of energy, about what connects people, and exploring and discovering psychological happy-buttons with like-minded people. I generally only play with people I know and trust.

When did you first know you liked rope?
When I was a teenager. I was very devious. Still am.

What attracts you to rope?
The relationship, however fleeting, between the rope-artist and the “bunny”. The experience as a whole: not only the bondage itself, but the way a person will put you in it; the exchange of energy that comes from being tied – that’s what I chase. I also love the feeling of being “the victim” and can play it very convincingly. *grins*

How does rope make you feel?
Rope is sensual, and it makes me feel safe and helpless at the same time. It is sensory; the texture, the smell. It is almost like a form of meditation, guided by the person tying me. A form of abandon.

What is it like after a rope-session?
I feel peaceful, happy, floppy. I like to rest on the person that has tied me, to silently thank them in that moment for the experience they have shared with me. I am calm, and gentle with myself. It is a state of bliss, almost meditative.

What other kink activities interest you?
I enjoy impact play – being hit with things is my other go-to in kink; hands, floggers, paddles, straps, whips; it depends on my state of mind and body before hand. I do love a good over-the-knee spanking. *grins* I am also looking forward to exploring more of my Puppy side and Pony side through pet play.

Who do you play with?
People I know and trust, mostly friends or people who can be vouched for by those I trust. Usually I like to watch someone play and decide if I like the look of their style, then I get to know them over time. Only when I feel it is right and we have had discussions about play would I approach them for a scene.

Have you ever had an incident in rope? Has anything ever gone wrong?
Luckily for me, no. I am lucky to have played with people that are very good at what they do and have ways of minimising any possible risk. Though, again, this also comes down to my communicating with them during a scene. If something feels wrong, it probably is – tell the person tying you!

What do you wish you’d have known, when you were just starting out in rope?
That not every experience will be amazing just because your top knows how to tie a person. Apart from the rope itself, the rest of the scene will rely on the connection you have with the person tying you, so don’t get too excited and pick just anyone! That and like anything, you need to practice rope techniques if you want to do them well.

What would you want someone who knows nothing about rope to know about rope, and about you?
Come at it with an open mind. It may not be what you think it is, to me and to yourself! Rope play is a lot more spiritual than many people may think – especially to me.

Why did you want to be a part of this project?
I love Kat’s art, and her brilliant mind. I have had the privilege to play with her before, and it was wonderful. I knew that if I was a part of this project, I would be part of something beautiful, meaningful and informative, as well as fun. Plus, I love dressing up!


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