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Below is a little bit of information regarding modelling for Bunnies Unbound, in case you are contacting me because you wish to get involved in the project in that capacity. Please note: shoots are only being held in Brisbane at this time.


People who love rope. Any gender, any orientation, any body-shape, size, colour or creed. People who are comfortable in their own skin, or willing to be in front of the camera. If we haven’t met or chatted extensively before, I will probably want to meet up with you for a coffee before we do the photoshoot, to have a talk, go over particulars, and answer any questions you might want to ask.


I want to photograph ‘bunnies’. I want to photograph bunnies of all shapes and sizes. I want to photograph fierce rabbits, and gentle kits. I want to photograph playful bucks and frivolous does, and non-gender-binary bunnies. I want to photograph people who don’t even like being called bunnies. I want to photograph people who fantasize about rope or enjoy scening with rope, from occasional bedroom bondage type stuff to hardcore ‘I want to be suspended every second of the day and I want it to hurt so hard that I cry’ type stuff. Or people who have no care for it as a scening thing, but just enjoy it as a beautiful aesthetic. I want a series of pictures that represents the incredible and magnificent diversity of people who share one common thread: they love rope.


Tying, styling and photographs will be done in my home in inner-north Brisbane, and you are more than welcome to bring a friend or escort if you don’t know me well and would prefer to have someone along for support.


Please understand that tying decorative stuff takes a while. It is not exactly a quick process. When we schedule a time, please assume that tying and styling is going to take at least a few hours, if not more. I’ll put on music to hopefully make time seem as if it’s going quicker, but it is still going to take some time.

We can organize a time that suits both you and I, depending on our schedules.

Please note: You will have to sign a release allowing me to use your photos if you do want to take part in this project as a model. Pictures may include partial nudity, depending on your level of comfort.