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Bunnies Unbound at the April RAW Showcase

bunnies unbound exhibition photo

Oh gosh, what an evening! After an incredibly long week of exhibition preparation (and so many colour proofs to get everything just right), it was an absolute relief once I’d set up my spot to be able to sit there, take in my exhibition space, and breathe a sign of relief that it was all done… and then the doors opened.

Wow. Just wow! The sheer number of people who came along was incredible! The only time the upstairs artist area wasn’t packed from corner to corner was when the fashion shows were on towards the end of the evening. Tucked away in a little corner, the Bunnies Unbound project was constantly surrounded by people, and it was great to have people asking questions and going, ‘You’ve blown my mind… I never even knew we had a kink scene in Brisbane!’

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi, and to check out the exhibition; thank you to the organizers for inviting me along to the event; a huge thank you to all of the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign; to the wonderful folks that helped me get everything to and from the venue; and to those who made me eat and drink throughout the night (yup… that’s an easy thing to forget to do, apparently!) This whole process was absolutely exhausting, but incredibly worth it.

Thank you.


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